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We specialise in Residential, Industrial, Educational and Corporate
Commercial work with an emphasis on Green Solutions and sustainable

Our Specialisation

We specialise in Residential, Industrial, Educational and Corporate Commercial work with an emphasis on Green Solutions and sustainable design. 

Residential Design

Bespoke environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions for each project. A theme of our work is based in sound design principals with a flair for screened calm and restful spaces. While we are always keen to undertake new build work, our renovations use these principals to enhance residential properties across the board.

Industrial Design​

Functional is definitely not ugly! Our industrial work aims to provide functional spaces that also visually promote the branding of our clients. These buildings are low maintenance and high impact.

Corporate Design​

Our designs aim to be flexible and timeless to support the changing needs of the businesses they house. Unique features with a timeless twist are incorporated to support the ethos of the tenants. Our corporate interiors carry the same energy and are supported through material selection and texture that allows the tenants brand to speak loudly.

Commercial Design

Bespoke solutions for a variety of shopping and service environments.

Institutional Design​

Working with schools is a challenge our practice enjoys enormously. Making spaces that not only provide functional enclosure, but that also spark joy in the young minds that inhabit them.

Green Solutions

All our work involves interrogating the environment, aspect, potential and regenerative nature of proposed projects. We work closely with specialists in off grid services and alternative technologies to allow our work to "touch the earth lightly".

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About Us

Metaform Architects has been created to address the current radical change in business, lifestyle and ethos. We are focused on leading edge solutions for the creation of space for progressive organisations and individuals in both existing and new accommodation. Our focus on appropriate green solutions for all our projects brings our mutual concern for the planet and the built environment within reach of all our clients.


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Our Projects

Alternative technologies are a cornerstone of our practice and we are always ready to research new alternatives that market presents. Each project is approached with an open mind and solution driven attitude. Among projects completed by the principal of the firm are headquarters in Johannesburg for UBS Warburg, Compaq, Morgan Stanley and Barclays.

UBS Warburg




Morgan Stanley